About Me

I’d like to introduce myself.


My name is Danielle Bakker, and I was born in the wonderful city Amsterdam. After wandering from Zeeland, to Het Gooi, I ended up on the charming coast of Marbella. 

In 1991 I received my sports-massage degree, and it was the start of a bountiful journey. At that time it wasn’t clear to me that this was something that I wanted to do, but when I moved to Zeeland it dawned on me. I realized I wanted to fulfill the potential and started reading into the variety of relaxation massages.  This was also the moment when I started my very own practice.

A friend brought me the book of Dr. Eric Pearl The Reconnection® at the beginning of 2007. This book changed my life. I followed the Reconnective Healing® and he Reconnection® in 2008. It was the tipping point at which I realized I wanted to choose how to live my own life. I started to incorporate intuition into my massage style, and use feeling.  During this period I followed courses to continue to develop myself, making me an expert as massage therapist.

In the summer of 2014 I returned to Het Gooi, where I rebuilt my practice with renewed passion. I also started introducing Reconnective Healing in my massages because I was not ready to give this as a standalone service.


In 5 years I had built up a permanent practice with great clients, for which I am very grateful.

It didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted to make my biggest dream come true and head towards the sun.

That is what brings me here in Spain. Here in Spain I have come to realize that working spiritually, working with energy is my calling. I like to help people, that has always been a common thread through my life. I am completely in my element through Healing Hands Reconnect.


It is fantastic to give and to receive the responses from my customers. I feel blessed to be allowed and able to do this work.


My Philosophy

My philosophy of life is to follow your dreams. Listen to your intuition and do what makes you happy. Be grateful every day.

Life is a journey and sometimes it makes you crazy, but know that there is allways a choice. 

Live the life you love

Love the life you live......