Markus Link

30 september 2020


I received a healing and it was awesome. I drifted away but somehow always was aware of the music in the background. Then what I thought was towards the end my body melted and relaxed. I took me a while to come back and then I realized that what felt like at least 2 hours only like 45 minutes in this reality.

Even more amazing the next day I had a physio appointment and finally he could realign my skull and first vertebrae which have been out of alignment and we have been working on for a while....


! Again soon!

Kate Royston

15 november 2020


I had a potent remote healing treatment, I especially felt the energy in my solar plexus which is a problem area for me, it left me feeling motivated and energetic. I look forward to more

Kirsten Fleig

17 november 2020

I took part in the group healing session tonight it was fantastic- i felt the healing energy coming through very strong in my eyes and stomache And the entire body - my entire body relaxed and soaked up the healing afterwards felt very energized and balanced - I highly recommend Danielle Thank you